Kailua, HI Root Canal Therapy and Treatment

If you are unhappy with the current color of your teeth, our Kailua, HI dental practice is proud to say that we can help. We offer the KOR Deep Bleaching‚ a system that uses a combination of take-home bleaching trays and in-office whitening procedures to give you a brilliant smile. Even patients who have tetracycline stains can have whiter teeth with the KOR Deep Bleaching system.

The KOR Deep Bleaching‚ procedure will go as follows:

  • First appointment (1 hour) – At this appointment, Dr. Dang will determine if you are a candidate for the KOR Deep Bleaching system. Other dental work may need to be completed before performing the whitening procedure.
  • Second appointment (1 + hours) – Dr. Dang will create your custom fit bleaching trays using the impressions of your mouth taken during this appointment.
  • Third appointment (1 hour) – Your custom bleach trays and home bleach will be given to you at this appointment, along with instructions for their use. For the next 14 days, you will use the bleaching trays before you go to bed.
  • Fourth appointment (2 hours) – This is the most important appointment because here, a seal will be placed on your teeth to reinforce and secure the effects of the bleaching trays.

At each of your six-month recall appointments following your whitening procedure, you will receive a free tube of bleaching gel to help maintain the beauty and brightness of your teeth. Give our office a call today to schedule your appointment and begin whitening your teeth with the KOR Deep Bleaching system!